11. We will do our best efforts to provide a transfer service at the time specified in the booking confirmation with the minimum delay reasonably possible. However circumstances beyond our control may not make this possible in which case we cannot be held responsible for any financial or material losses consequential or otherwise. Circumstances beyond our control include but are not restricted to the following examples;

– Any circumstance affecting the client’s or chauffeur’s safety.
– Any accident or incident causing delay whether the vehicle carrying the client is directly or indirectly involved or not involved at all.
– Any road closure or restricted access of the intended route chosen by the chauffeur.
– Any delays as a result of weather conditions.
– Any un-foreseen traffic delays.
– Any delay as a result of a flight or train being delayed thus delaying the chauffeur
– Any delay as a result of our vehicle being detained by police, customs or any other government official.
– Any delay howsoever caused by a third party or parties to include but not be restricted to industrial action, terrorism or vandalism.

12. We accept no responsibility for valuables left in our vehicle.